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The "Rehab Deal Analyzer" estimates the potential profit, down payment and cash requirements for the project.It is also useful when comparing one property with another.

Need additional assistance? The "Rehab Deal Analyzer" is designed for you to complete on your own or with assistance from one of our staff. Please call our office at (800) 427-1441, and we will be happy to help you complete the form and review different loan programs available.

Bidding on Properties
The Rehab Analyzer is a great tool to use when comparing properties you are considering to buy. Use it to help you determine which has the best potential of a higher return and/or down payment.

Months to Hold
Estimate months from close of purchase escrow to close of sale escrow.

Estimated Fix Up Cost
Include all anticipated cost and fees plus reserves for unexpected expenses. Examples: permit fees, unexpected plumbing or electrical cost. Try our online rehab bid sheet.

Down Payment
Every dollar saved by reducing the Purchase Price and / or Fix Up Cost will also decrease the amount of your down payment.

Estimated Profit or Loss
Several factors including purchase price, financing cost, holding cost and cost of sale should be reviewed to compare different potential returns by adjusting any of the factors.