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Commercial Financing- FAQ
Hard Money Loans


Q: In what areas is financing available?

A: California only

Q: How fast can loans be closed?

A: 14 working days or longer. It takes longer if there are delays in the appraisal, title clearance, seller cooperation, etc.

Q: What is the maximum loan to value (LTV)?

A: Typically 75%

Q: Will you go higher than 75% LTV?

A: If you have additional real estate collateral a higher LTV amount will be reviewed and considered

Q: What types of properties is financing available ?

A: Multi-Family Units / Apartments, Mixed Use, Office buildings, Retail and Commercial

Q: What is the minimum credit score?

A: Normally 600, but it varies depending upon the equity in the property, quality of the property, management experience and financial strength of the borrower

Q: Are there Prepayment Penalties?

A: Normally none

Q: What is the minimum loan amount?

A: The minimum amount is $100,000

Q: What is the maximum loan amount?

A: The maximum amount is $5,000,000

Q: Is the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) considered when determining appraised value and maximum loan amount?

A: Some investors like LTV only and other require both LTV and DSCR. Larger and more complex properties generally require both

Q: Is an appraisal required?

A: Yes, however if you already have an existing current appraisal we will review the appraisal for possible use

Q: In what way are hard money loans different from conventional financing?

A: Hard money underwriting criteria is often more flexible and tolerant. There is less paper work and the funding time is normally much faster. This is especially true in today's tight money market