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Available Trust Deeds

1st Trust Deed :
  75% LTV
  Los Angeles, CA
Appraised Value:
Hard Money:
  12 Months
  Stated Income
Property Type:
  Single Family
Repairs Needed:
Purpose of Loan:
 New trust deeds coming soon. This webpage is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

Disclaimer: This list of available California trust deed investment opportunities* does not recommend, instruct, or advise you to invest in any, some, or all the subject available trust deeds but merely represents an investment opportunity that includes the possibility of earning and/or losing some or all of one′s investment. The choice to either invest or not invest is entirely yours. Before you commit to invest, we advise you to review and understand all applicable documents and study the California Department of Real Estate publication “Trust Deed Investments — What You Should Know”

If you choose to invest in one or more trust deeds, we will forward to you a complete “due diligence package.” This package includes, but is not limited to: preliminary title report, loan application, appraisal and credit report.

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