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Where can I find REO properties in California?

Where can I find REO properties in California?

by Eric Allee 28. August 2011 01:29

There are many sources to find properties available for purchase. The best way is to contact your local Real Estate Agent.  They are the most qualified to help you with your search. Lenders and major banks can also be a good source for REO's.

 The links below may help you find that perfect rehab project.

  1.    Yahoo Real Estate

        2.    Trulia

        3.    Foreclosure Destination

        4.    Foreclosure Listings.com

        5.    Foreclosure.com

        6.    Bank Foreclosures.com

        7.    Chase

        8.    Citi Mortgage

        9.    Fannie Mae

       10.   Freddie Mac

Eric Allee

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Paul United States
5/16/2013 5:04:50 AM #

Thank you, I have just been searching for information on how to find properties and yours is the best I have discovered.


Jennine Desisto United States
5/16/2013 3:39:07 PM #

I was just searching on yahoo and came across your site, the information that you posted in this post urged me to post here and appreciate your diligent work. I just bookmarked your site. Thank you again.


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